Transform Access
To Substations

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A unique solution for securing substations and water stations


Acsys in-depth knowledge of the distributed remote sites model through its experience with passive wire-free access control, allows it to secure tens of thousands of diverse access point as well as providing smart real-time workforce control which enables utilities companies to transform their business.

With iams you can

Lower OPEX through real-time monitoring of remote sites

Increase operational efficiency through more accurate billing

Increase on-site safety by ensuring proper asset access by privileged people only 

Real-time Monitoring of the workforce via data collection

How it Works

  1. The technician heads directly to the substation and requests an access code via mobile app
  2. The CGS server generates an OTP and sends it back to the technician’s phone which gets directly synced to the Technicians’ Bluetooth key
  3. The technician opens the site gate and all doors and assets he’s allowed to open and starts working
  4. Once he finishes his work, the technician requests another Closing access code which gets directly synced to the Technicians’ Bluetooth key allowing him to close the secured assets he used and the site’s main gate