Intelligent Access Management Software

An unique software platform for managing critical infrastructure remote sites



The Intelligent Access Management System (iAMS) is a software platform designed for the telecommunication operators to manage access control of their facilities by the award-winning and patented Acsys CGS+ Key and Lock system. The smart keys and locks that require no power and change of batteries, allowing easy maintenance and management in remote locations.

Design specifically for the multi-national telecommunication operators that manage radio towers and base stations across dispersed locations by region, country, city, tower, and operator,  iAMS enables both the centralized control and localized management of keys and locks, facilitate vendor management for maintenance and rental facilities access control in response to tenant’s requirements. It supports multi-languages, allowing easy deployment of localized versions.

This software platform allows facility administrators to secure critical assets and facilities by controlling access remotely. By assigning programmable keys to specific individuals and managing the key’s accessibility, the administrator can control and track who goes where, when, how and for how long. This revolutionary platform also provides an intuitive user interface and navigation, allowing easy management and authorization.

The iAMS integrates with the physical security systems, including CCTV, motion-detection systems and alarm systems to enhance the access control and alert for unauthorized access. It is also a platform that bridges the physical facility and enterprise software management. The iAMS can integrate with the enterprise systems, including ERP, HRM and accounting software, enabling the audit of chargeable service hours among permanent and part-time staff even for contractors and service providers.

The iAMS platform enables mobile management via the Acsys Apps. Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, the app allows administrators to manage the facilities anytime and anywhere. The mobile app is also full redundant, allowing access via SMS when Wi-Fi or mobile data network is not available.

To support the demand for fast installation and deployment, a cloud option is also available through Acsys Cloud Solution. Customers that choose the cloud options can host the iAMS keys and locks database in the cloud managed by Acsys, instead of setting up local on-premise servers. The cloud options ease the operation complexity by providing redundancy and enabling remote management in countries with low bandwidth and unstable power supply.

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