About Us


Acsys International is a global technology company specialized in security and access management of critical infrastructure through the emerging field of remote access management solution. Instigated in 1999 from the technologies of two French defense contractors, Acsys International provides remote access control using both smart-key and keyless solutions. The signature -Intelligent Access Management System (iAMS) is a platform that brings together smart-padlocks, smart-keys and management software to provide a powerful means to control who goes where and when, indoors and outdoors.

Our highly specialized and international team of engineers develops world-unique and patented solutions–from the Code Generation System (CGS) and Keypad Key to remote staff management via the mobile App. This modular, and solution-oriented approach sets Acsys International apart from other security solution provider in the market. With presence in 64 countries, our clients are global leaders from different industries, including telecommunications, power, mining, logistics and more.


Farid Alazem

Farid Al Azem founded Acsys in 2009. As a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor, Al Azem built successful businesses across a multiple industries, including construction, oil & gas, lighting, manufacturing and real estate. He started his career and interest in the heavy industries after working at a German steel trading company. Al Azem graduated from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Business Administration in 1974.

Albert Crosby

Member of the Board
Albert Crosby brings more than 30 years of business development and operational experience to Acsys. He previously led the operations, sales, business development and marketing of Otis Elevator across France, Canada and Europe. In addition to his executive experience in the elevator industry, Crosby also led the development of Dormakaba, one of the global top three security and access solution companies, as Vice President for Europe.

Abdulrahman Alazem

Member of the Board
Abdulrahman Alazem is the CEO of Technolight, one of Saudi Arabia's leading suppliers of lighting fixtures, lighting control systems and emergency lighting. Bringing his business leadership experience to Acsys, Alazem is one of the key advisors for the company's development.


Majed Minkara

Chief Executive Officer
As Chief Executive Officer of Acsys, Majed Minkara focuses on the company's strategy development and implementation. Minkara started his career as an investment manager and entrepreneur. He also spent six years as a strategy consultant, driving growth for players in the financial services, industrial and public sector. Bringing a strong drive for growth and experience from multiple industries, Minkara aims to bring excellence in Acsys' offerings and teams. Minkara graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Economics and History. He's also an MBA from American University of Beirut and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Jean Mouradian

Chief Architect
Jean Mouradian is instrumental in the design and development of all products at Acsys. He joined the company in 2010 as CTO of the Electronics Department, but extended his role as CTO of Software and Electronic Department within one year. In addition to driving the product strategy, Mouradian also supports the customization of different clients' needs. Mouradian graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Jacky Chow

Chief Commercial Officer
As Chief Commercial Officer of Acsys, Jacky Chow leads the Global Sales and Marketing Division of the company and directs the company's growth strategy. Chow has a solid background in the security industry, focusing on the access control systems, alarm management system and building management system.


Securing people’s distributed assets in today’s digital world has never been more essential.
In the traditional mechanical systems, when keys are lost/stolen/misplaced or copied, a substantial amount of time, energy, and money are to be spent to change locks or resolved the issue.