• Complements most ERP/MRP/TTS & OSS software
  • Provides real-time visibility on execution & quality of work
  • Clear control of which site/asset can be accessed and at what time
  • Real-time record of how much time was spent on site/asset
  • Immediate control and reduction of site OPEX
  • Time spent on site = quality of work benchmark
  • Site data = establishment of KPI’s


  • No geographical limitations, solution can be used anywhere indoor/outdoor
  • Allow but control any user to access anything, anywhere, anytime
  • Cloud solutions provide multi-region and country overview and comparison
  • Internal and external system reports are sent automatically for processing/verification
  • Customizable alarms allow users to control what information is displayed and escalated
  • System records can confirm adherence to SLA’s and escalation clauses Real-time visibility of sites and users = real-time triage of tasks and actions


  • Any access point can be secured and monitored
  • More site(s)/Asset(s) can be serviced in one day
  • Real-time site/asset visibility = real-time operational control
  • Tasks can be re-allocated to other users in real-time without updates
  • User(s) can be added/removed or edited on the system remotely
  • Remotely control all outsourced and ad-hoc vendors from a central location
  • Fully redundant solution, works anywhere / anytime with 99.9% uptime


  • Keys cannot be copied or duplicated
  • Keys can only be used when code has been issued, fraudulent requests = alarm
  • Codes are only issued to users when tasks have been created by ERP/MRP/OSS
  • Location based access control = selective code issuance based on GPS position
  • Secure solution - Access points cannot be picked, bumped or drilled easily
  • Internal and external theft is mostly eradicated
  • Lost/stolen/un-returned keys are simply deleted from software and cannot be re-used


Universal Solution

Telecom BTS

Tank Trucks

Data Centers

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